Joe Troop is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He’s also the founder of the GRAMMY-nominated string band, Che Apalache, based in Buenos Aires.

Working in a style dubbed “latingrass”, Che Apalache melds music from the Appalachian foothills with the traditional Latin American soundscape. As a solo artist, Troop composes wry and well-traveled acoustic music, sung in English, Spanish and Japanese. He wrenches old-time music into the world of contemporary global politics, creating a space for sympathy, solidarity, and a little humor. (In April, Troop released a COVID-19 single titled, “A Plea to the US Government to Fully Fund the Postal Service,” which was lauded by John Nichols of The Nation.) Jaunty, rhythmic, and tale-spinning, Troop plays fingerpicking mountain music for a progressive rural America.