Joe Troop is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter, polyglot and rambler from the North Carolina Piedmont.

Joe Troop Bio

Steeped in the musical traditions of his stomping grounds, he has taken a lifelong fascination with the Appalachian string band around the world.
 In 2002 at the age of 19 he moved to southern Spain, where he spent two years absorbing all kinds of new sounds: flamenco, gypsy jazz, tango, Sephardic music, Moroccan fiddling. His curiosity for language also blossomed, and he studied Spanish and Japanese intensively while dabbling in others.

In 2005 he got an English teaching position in Kamimura, Nagano, a remote village in the Japanese Alps. For two years he hung out with hillbillies, learning to speak their language fluently and partaking in their intriguing cultural traditions.

Joe returned to North Carolina in 2007 to pursue various projects: He formed and led a swing band. As a banjoist he accompanied Guogang Li, a remarkable Chinese erhuist and composer. He also toured around the United States playing fiddle with bluegrass band, Town Mountain.

In January of 2010, thirsty for new adventures, Joe moved to Argentina on a whim with only a suitcase, fiddle and banjo. Since that time he has been living in the city of Buenos Aires, teaching Appalachian folk music, and performing throughout the country and region. For seven years he created original music with double bassist Diego Sánchez. They recorded two acclaimed albums and toured both Argentina and the US extensively.

In recent years Joe’s focus has shifted to Che Apalache, an acoustic quartet he formed in 2013 with his most accomplished students. In 2017 they hit the road, showcasing their patiently concocted “latingrass” in both Argentina and the United States. They were met with enthusiasm and praise everywhere they went. And at the prestigious Appalachian String Band Music Festival in Clifftop, WV, they were awarded first place in the Neo-Traditional band competition, a much appreciated feather in their cap.