Chea Sacred Texts and Microwaves

"Cheap Sacred Texts and Microwaves" (2014) lyrics

Cheap Sacred Texts and Microwaves

Sage of the hills above the township
gently watches the world below
Perched on a rock where wind blows lightly
whisks his hair in the pale moon's glow

Songs of a simpler yesterday
stream from his peaceful soul
soothing eternal lull
heart, mind and body whole

Swarms fill the streets in loud confusion
Swindlers beckon us to consume
Trite entertainment, thrills and comfort
spirits locked in a plastic tomb

Cheap sacred texts and microwaves
opulence casting stones
broken malnourished bones
forsaken mothers moan

Striking is the fact that those said to be sane
live unbridled madness, no one to restrain them,
while our greatest prophets wind up being shamed
backed into dark corners far from where we need them

Sanctified illusion, sinister design
Maniacs rejoice in vanity
licensed to provoke calamity
happy to destroy humanity


Stay True

Blurred haze of grey and blue, free-falling through the sky
Vague recollections why, vast waters stretch below

I plunge into the sea, and leave the world behind
sink deep in frozen time, no longer feel the pain

Cast off to churning tides, jet-emerald seas below
womb-like I drift and flow, dampened aquatic tones

Glittering light descends, fish scales reflect the moon
suddenly yearn to move, must reach the surface soon

I gasp the cold night air, warm tears begin to cry
The numbness then subsides, I'm valiantly alive
to face life's discontent anew

Wide awake, yet still I dream
of love without impurity
though life can serve up tragedy so cruel
I'll take beatings child, but won't stop trying
when solitude has got me blind
I'll weather on, find courage and stay true.


On and On

I don't need a place to hide
to make believe it's all alright, to be deceived
But will grows weak and wilts away
A peaceful self is led astray

I think I'll run. Running on and on
Live inside my song in this search for soul
I'll keep running

Back down a one-way track inside my mind
Oh the fear it blinds my worried eyes,
for I alone would dig my grave
and I'd sit in it when I could be saved

By running on. Running on and on
Live inside my song in this search for soul
I'll keep running on

Everyday I write a page of half-felt words
and the pages turn, and the pages burn
I can't stand all this writing lies
It's burning me to my demise

I think I'll run. Running on and on
Live inside my song in this search for soul
I'll keep running on


Rotten Man

I'm a rotten man, I often sleep past noon
And I work from home, teach music in my room
My breakfast lasts 'bout half the day
Have fun for free, I'm super gay
and staunching-ly refuse to work for tools

I like to spend my time in child-like dreams
Kaleidoscopic color swirls and cotton candy seas
where tie dye wearing hippo clans
form psychedelic bluegrass bands
and pink and purple skies are lit with glee

The status quo's a snarky, spiteful shrew
It preaches fear and ignorance, it grimaces and broods
It surely hates this rotten man
Knocks at my door but can't get in
I watch it through the keyhole as it cries
with twinkle-toed flamingos in my eyes


Rock of Ages

I heard the Rock of Ages lives way up in the sky
Well, I'd carry Him a letter if only I could fly
I'm sure He'd like to help out
down here on earth below
I'm sure He'd kindly help us to calm our earthly woe

I've walked this wild world over, turned up so many a stone
Can't find a single reason why such fools are in control
They're often quick to mention, just have to let you know
that they love the Rock of Ages
and with Him they share control

The day the Rock of Ages heard how they used His name
He packed up his belongings
and He jumped an old freight train
Went way up o’er the mountains, dissolved beyond the sky
forever fled from those who'd said
that He had been their guide

To know the Rock of Ages means not to drawl a sword
nor wield a knife, nor cause great strife, nor subjugate the poor
You hush your wicked mouths now, you shameful, nasty men
It's finally time, the meek shall rise
and have what's due to them
And never more will this ole world be ruled by you again


A Message for the Tokyo Electric Power Company

Atomic plant with risks foreseen
You willingly ignored the pleas
Precautions could prevent disease
but money first was your decree

Oh my my, oh Hell yes
It surely seems you've made a mess
And now the victims in distress
must dry their weeping eyes

You said that everything was fine
until that quake and wave arrived
Your plant blew up, I wonder why
Your promises were dirty lies

Oh my my, oh Hell yes
It surely seems you've made a mess
And now the victims in distress
must dry their weeping eyes

You censor those who state the facts
and to the ill you say “relax”
But kids are having heart attacks
You watch 'em die and turn your backs

Oh my my, oh Hell yes
It surely seems you've made a mess
And now the victims in distress
must dry their weeping eyes

Well, I'll pitch a wish into the well
and hope the world gets saved from Hell
Hell, that's a pitch that's hard to sell
when leaders claim that all is well

Oh my my, oh Hell yes
It surely seems they've made a mess
Let's go upstairs and take a rest
and dry our weeping eyes


Like a Child at Night

Shadows seep up from the earth
Through the blood-stained soil they rise
Victims hidden from our eyes
Maybe we'll go out like them

Science gave the world a twist
Atomic plumes cast toxic mist
The power hungry clinch their fists
The future seems a dark abyss
Beneath our heels the shadows sigh… silent cries

“There's nothing wrong” is what they say
They wage the wars but go unscathed
Such greedy bastards in control
Our rights to live are bought and sold
What's going on? This just ain't right

What's going on in here? I'm scared
Come and pat me on my head
Come and tuck me in my bed
and take away my dread, and tell me it's alright
like a child at night


I Haven't Got a Clue

Sit and obey, just follow these directions
Rough drafts and then corrections
Just pump out what is due
The standard education, the must-learn proclamation
The shit we're told is true

Day by day lap up indoctrination
Revere some silly nation
Await some leader's cue
Identities created, automatons fed hatred
the likes of me and you

My oh my, the wicked witch is winning
and still you'll find us grinning
amused by what we do
We're on a one-way road to nowhere
Don't ask me when we'll get there
I haven't got a clue


Dee Dee Dee

I thought it would be brave
to throw my life away
not live another day
just run into my grave

A dark cloud was my mind
depressed all of the time
about such silly things
that I forgot to sing

My hope was born again
I put faith in my friends
and knew they'd care for me
and by my side would be

Our world in troubled times
so direly desires
a nice and peaceful phase
So let our voices raise


Port City Streets

I bike alone at midnight along port city streets
As humid breezes greet me, my Buenos Aires sleeps

Your smooth brown skin and summer sweat
drip easy through my mind

The brilliance of your body
lying next to mine

A Traveler's Sketches

"A Traveler's Sketches" (2011) lyrics


A weathered hippy in the Patagonia mountains made his humble house a home for any struggling heart that rambled through his town. At Fede's place we found a common ground.

He drove a taxi down those dusty gravel roads, and with the winds of El Bolsón, he'd pick you up, and then he'd help you travel on. Yeah, Fede catered to the ones who roam.

Oh, ai. Oh, oh. Oh, ai. Oh, oh.

His room a tent pitched on the wood floor of his attic, and all the floor space that remained was for folks like us who'd found a place to stay. His open arms gave shelter from the rain.

The only real rooms in his house were for his mother and his daughter of 15, he cared for them if only with a meager means. In certain ways he let 'em live like queens.

Oh, ai. Oh, oh. Oh, ai. Oh, oh.

I give thanks to folks like Fede, to those who've got a story to tell. And even thought their lives aren't perfect, Lord, at least they live 'em well.

His sanctuary was a refuge in the mountains, el Refugio Retamal. Be it spring or be it fall, he'd make that haul. He listened to the mountain when it called.

That's where he woke up on the day before he died. It was the last place that he went, he hiked back down, and then he bid the world goodbye. And he left a many friend back here to cry. Well, I'm glad to say he was a friend of mine.

I give thanks to folks like Fede, to those who've got a story to tell. And even though their lives aren't perfect, Lord, at least they live 'em well.



Sometimes livin' weighs heavy on your mind,
when pain and sorrow are all you seem to find.
Head out livin', wrap livin' 'round your head.
Might wind up thinkin' that you'd better off be dead.

Lauril, you got even. You shot a bullet through your heart.
And from this cold world you decided you would part.
But had your friends known, we would have tried to heal your wounds.
And maybe then, child, you wouldn't have had to go so soon.

Ruben, querido, why did you have to die so young?
In that book we were writing, it was only chapter one.
And when I got the news, child, I said it fully broke my heart,
and left me weeping and stumbling through the dark.

Livin', dyin', it's all a breath within the end,
And when you've only started, you have already reached the end.
Now you can cling so tightly, but fingers slip and then you fly.
And then there's no more living to weigh so heavy on your mind.



Algo mas allá, vos con tanta seriedad veías desde me terraza.
Aurora invernal, y te quería consolar.
Pará, pero no hice nada.

Volá, volá.

Yo ni siquiera me di cuenta, hasta que te fuiste de la vida, amigo, ay.
Iluminaste mi camino.
Esta solemne tristeza, de un alma herida, amigo, ay.
Porque te has ido?

Volá, volá.



Don't forget to live while you are young.
Stay out late, and sleep on in, have a little fun.
Hold the one you love real tight, until you've seen the sun.
Yeah, don't forget to live while you are young.

Don't forget to stay strong as you age.
As the years keep rolling by, and as you're growing grey.
If where you're at has no appeal, just turn another page.
Yeah, don't forget to stay strong as you age.

Don't forget to smile when you are old.
For 17 or 86, your life is going on.
And even if you've dug your grave, well you can fill that hole.
Yeah, don't forget to smile when you are old.

I'm only trying to easy my worried mind.
What exactly was my purpose here? Could you tell me one more time?
Well, the rhythm is eternal son, but you've got to write the rhyme.
And that's exactly how you pass the time.



Esta vez, digo que esta vez, no me muero yo.

Ay de mi. Por Caer.

Esta vez, digo que esta vez, no me muero yo.



1997's when I had the rude awakening that I would be a gay man all my life.
Conservative tobacco town; the snickering and scornful frowns consumed my mind. I felt I'd rather die.

Tell me why I didn't have to right to grow up like you other folks. I led my life in fright.
Tell me why. I'd really like to know. I guess that's just the way the story goes.

1998 I found that music brought me harmony inside. The five string banjo set me free.
But born and bred of southern stock, I quickly saw a paradox: respect and yet intolerance for me.

Tell me why it's better not to tell, to hide my true identity and live a secret Hell.
Tell me why. I'd really like to know. I guess that's just the way the story goes.

As the years go by, I find forgiveness for the ignorance that locked me in a prison of self-loathe.
And after time in foreign lands and cultural discovery, I've let go of that grudge against my home.

But still there is this question in me, scratching at my heart and gnawing at my bones. It just won't let me be. I said it just won't let me be. No it won't leave me alone.

Tell me why so many chose to fight to strip us of our dignity and simply out of spite. Tell me why. I'd really like to know. I guess that's just the way the story goes.



How are you tonight, my friend?
Is it cool beneath the ground?
Although your heart's stopped beating,
I can hear its echoes sound.

No grey hair will grace your head,
Nor a wrinkle shall you find.
Forever young you must remain,
Never aging in my mind.

Stumbling home down midnight streets,
and my thoughts drift back to you.
Those winter nights so long ago
in my dim-lit, third-story room.

Bitter tears, the hands of fate
cut a life off in full bloom.
Can barely stand this heart-ache,
loosing such a friend as you.